A Reminder of Our True Selves

God has repeatedly tried to make us understand the authority and supremacy he has gifted unto us. Knowing fully well of the things to come; our weaknesses, our self doubt, iniquity and sinful nature.

He however did not deny us still the knowledge of that power.  It was stressed repeatedly as to how alike we are with God in his nature, image and how pleasing that was to him.

Subtle reminder

Looking around us and truly taking the time to see, we realize that God gave us every single thing we need to survive and manipulate this earth to suit our individual preferences.

With the awareness of sin however and the devil’s relentless reminders of our unworthiness and past mistakes we lose sight of who we were created to be from the beginning. And because of the fear and doubt that comes with the guilt, we become subdued by the things we were long given authority over.

The ultimate reminder

The best thing for us and the worst for the devil is that God’s testimonies of his power, supremacy and unending love for us has been documented over the years. And constantly, when those moments of doubt come, we refer back to the manual that tells us just who we are and what aura, confidence and carriage we are meant to exude.

My constant and endless prayer is that God never forsakes us but continually holds our hands and hearts and leads us back to the original course and purpose of our lives when we stray far away from the godlike form we were created in.